Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elsa is going through another molt. I helped her take off a lot of her skin before thinking about taking a picture, but here you can see the excess skin above her tail and on her upper right side. She is finally starting to get her normal colors back after having her skin stained by the substrate at the pet store. We've had the lizards for almost 5 months now!

The lizards' tanks are in between Rocky's cage and the couch. He has decided to use their stand and Elsa's tank as a way for him to get on the couch. Here he is climbing up to her tank. Then, he runs across the top to the side by the couch, and hoists himself up on the arm of the couch. We do not like this because of the electrical cords and heat required for the lizards, so we have been supervising more closely and are brainstorming other ways to keep him off of the lizards!

A few weeks ago I had posted a video of a caterpillar and got a nice comment on it, so I thought I'd post this video of a bee crawling around on a flower. I had taken this during a hike in April, before I had started the blog. I just love seeing animals in nature and this bee seemed particularly interesting to me!

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