Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Miscellaneous vignettes of a life with parrots

Rocky always needs to be involved in everything that's going on in the house. Here he is helping Thomas decide what to watch on TV over the weekend. I think they decided on a football game. Rocky just hopes to choose something that will keep Thomas still for awhile so Rocky can climb all over his favorite person (and maybe even inside his clothes)!

As I've mentioned previously, our parrots have a thing for Thomas's feet, even when socked! When I saw how this picture came out, I laughed because it looks like Rocky is talking to his foot! However, I think he was fake biting him (which is one of his favorite things to do -- I will have to get it on video!)

And finally, here is Max trying to eat Thomas's pants. I'm not exactly sure why, and of course I stopped her right after I took the picture (not exactly sure what's in the metal zipper and don't want her ingesting anything she shouldn't!) She is resting her foot on one of the sticks I keep around me at all times so I can pick Rocky up if needbe.

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