Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rocky has been in an exploring mood lately and has been particularly concerned with finding small, dark places to hide. Here he is, investigating whether he can open up the bottom of our stove. He also has been trying to open up cabinets, and spending lots of time under his cage and under a plant stand we have in the kitchen.

When not doing that, he tries to spend as much time with Thomas as possible. I head Thomas say, "Will you please let me read the paper?" and saw this picture. I thought it was so funny as Rocky is so relaxed as he's irritating his mate!

On Monday night, Rocky was on the couch with Thomas, and a loud noise scared Beeps. He rarely flies with volition, but will take off when something scares him. He flew from his cage, to Rocky's cage, and then started exploring. Notice Max on Rocky's door -- when she saw Beeps over there, she had to fly over as well (Max often flies with volition!) Beeps loved climbing up and down the toy hanger on top of Rocky's cage. The clearance between the top of the toy hanger and the ceiling is just about caique-size, so he was hanging out on top (crouching a bit). Then he kept climbing up and sliding down, as I partially captured in this short video:

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