Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thomas and I spend much of our after-work time in our living room, which is also where all of the animals live. I try to be aware of where everyone is constantly, but every 10 minutes or so, I visually make sure that all of the parrots are around and not getting into trouble. Yesterday as I'm doing this check, I notice that Rocky has burrowed under the newspaper that we lay daily in front of his cage to catch his poop. I could not see him at all -- just a moving bump. I did take a picture of this, but decided not to waste space on the blog. If you can't visualize what I'm talking about, put something parrot-sized under a piece of newspaper -- not all that interesting!

Whenever I call Rocky's name, he stops what he's doing and gives me his full attention, which is what he's doing in this picture. Notice the green plastic peanut he'd previously thrown out of his foraging bucket and the destruction he'd already wreaked on the newspaper!

Thomas has a glass of ice water with dinner every night, and yesterday he had Beeps perched on his hand when he went to make this. Beeps loved the freezer! He was trying to eat all of the ice cubes as Thomas deposited them into his glass and later lapped up the ice water as though we didn't give him a clean bowl of water in his cage. Of course, when he saw me with the camera, he had to focus on me instead of the ice!

As I've written before, Rocky loves to drink the leftover nut milk and cereal pieces from Thomas's cereal dessert. When Thomas is done, he places the bowl on the living room floor, and Rocky runs over to get his treat. When Rocky is done, Max usually will drink some of the milk as well. Here is a video of Rocky's routine. Of course, Thomas could take the spoon out for him, but it's more fun this way! On a side note, if Max is the first one there, she leaves the spoon in and works around it.

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