Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I bought these fun little 2X2 boxes from the Parrot Asylum. Max has been having a blast! I'll put a bead in there (you can kind of see the orange bead inside the box). Then I shake the box in front of her. She gets so excited and starts dancing around! Then, I give her the box. She must spend 10 minutes chewing through the box. I took about 20 pictures of her with the box, but I think this one is my favorite since you can see her eyes pinning and some of the damage she's caused on other sides of the box!

Rocky was hiding the other day, and I was able to capture this. Normally he keeps an eye on me, but I think he may have completely hidden himself! We're still uncertain whether we will clip him or not. He hasn't flown at me for a few days, but I've been very careful.
Here is a video of Max scurrying down the hallway between our kitchen and living room. She is such a little ham! She absolutely loves running around on the floor and will often fly down to the floor and then walk where she wants to go instead of just flying there. I love how she zig zags around. Apparently she doesn't realize that a straight line is the most direct path!

And here are two videos of Rocky. They're basically the same, but only about 6 seconds each. His laugh is just so infectious and I couldn't choose my favorite, so I'm putting them both here. He climbed up into Thomas's shirt, and then just started laughing! They were doing this for about 15 minutes until Rocky decided to climb out and explore something else.


Sharon said...

Cute videos! Thanks for all the good ideas on how to keep a parrot occupied!

What was Max in such a hurry to get too?

Mary said...

Max had been trying to get into the bathroom. I realized that the door was not completely shut and she had almost worked her way in. I went over there, shut the door completely, and then went into the living room. She was mad at me for shutting the door, so she followed me like that. I decided to see if she'd do it again for the camera, and she did! At the very end of the video, you can hear her starting to do this whistle which is her way of letting me know she's unhappy!