Friday, October 26, 2007

Thomas took Rocky downstairs with him last night to supervise his workout (Rocky as personal trainer?) I told Rocky I was going to take his picture, and he turned around and gave me his back. You can see that his wings have almost grown out. He has flown at me three times in the past two days, so we may have to clip his wings. We're currently in discussion about this. However, in this picture you can see all of the different colors that Rocky is. He is so incredibly gorgeous!
I found Max pretending to be a clean dish the other day. I'm not sure why she decided to start hanging out here after two years in this house!
Of course Max has this desire to explore and destroy. I was content to leave her hanging out on our dish drying rack, but then she had to try to eat the cabinets! So she was removed.
And here she is "helping" with our preparation of bean burritos. We've already had to cover the onions and cheese due to her help -- is the lettuce next? She likes to fly over and throw the pieces of lettuce on the floor.
Thomas and I first ran into the movie "Dick" while on our honeymoon. We loved it so much that when we returned to the States, we had to seek it out. This was in a time before the Internet was ubiquitous, so we stopped in several stores, trying to convince clerks we weren't looking for porn, before we found it. Anyway, I just rewatched it and still love it! It's even funnier if you've recently seen "All the President's Men" or if you have some background knowledge of Watergate.

Have a fantastic weekend!


DweezelJazz said...

Max is adorable in these photos. Max looks so much like Jazzy in these shots - she too likes to 'help out' as much as possible in the kitchen. Always into something! :)

Mary said...

Jazzy is super adorable as well! And you take such teriffic photos! Those greys are so inquisitive and can always find trouble!!!