Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back into the routine

The humans and animals in our house are getting back into our routines.

For Stella, that apparently includes eating my breakfast! I left the room briefly to give Rocky a piece of apple (he was hanging out under his cage) and returned to find this.
I was amazed at how much she ate, and how quickly! Max won't even lick apples -- they're that undesirable to her.

As I mentioned yesterday, Stella's flying improved exponentially while we were gone, even though she apparently didn't fly at all during that week.

She is in a rather nesty mode, and has been flying down to the kitchen floor and then trying to squeeze herself in the space under the dishwasher. While I'm pleased that she's able to fly down (that is one of the harder flight skills to learn but so important in case you need to call an escaped parrot down out of a tree), it can be frustrating to have to interrupt my breakfast 10 times to pick her up off of the floor. I don't want her getting too comfortable down there!

I don't have too much else to report as I had a meeting last night after work and returned home after Thomas had already put the parrots to bed for the evening. I really regret agreeing to volunteer for certain things when it takes me out of my house for the evening.

But I should be home all night tonight and will hopefully have more pictures!

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