Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Corn is a big hit in our house. With the exception of Daphne, who eats very little human food despite my best efforts, all of the parrots love corn! Here's Max with a chunk.

A few weeks back, I posted a picture of my favorite bird at the rescue, a greenwing macaw. He was adopted, so this blue-and-gold had the opportunity to capture my fancy. Isn't he absolutely gorgeous? He wasn't handled for quite some time, so we're teaching him how people can be fun! He loves to exercise, so one thing we do together is I cup him under his chest and run around, with him flapping -- assisted flying.I had a surprise when I went to the rescue last Saturday -- one of my favorite birds of all time (he'd been adopted out several years ago) had been returned. This just breaks my heart -- the disposable mentality so many people have with their pets. But I don't need to get started on that again!
This dusky lory has such a fantastic personality! He reminds me very much of the caiques. When he was here last time, one of his very favorite things to do was curl up in the hood of Thomas's sweatshirt! He is so incredibly tame and funny. I have a hard time understanding how he's found himself homeless at least twice in his young life.
This is a video I took over the weekend. Thomas was playing video games, and had found a terry cloth belt. Knowing it would drive Rocky nuts, he wrapped it around his neck as a scarf. Rocky enjoyed playing with and attacking it!

At the farmers' market today, one of the vendors offered me her amazon. This is just getting ridiculous. I really need to stay strong in order to keep our flock at its current level. So hard not to take everyone home!


Stephanie said...

What kind of care do Dusky Lorries need? I've never seen one before and he's beautiful! Maybe you could bring him to me when you come to DC. ;)

Mary Hughes Studio said...

The Lory is adorable!! Wish I could take him. People are really going through rough times these days and unfortunately their pets are the first to go. It's sad!! The video is funny!!

Sammi said...

The macaw is so pretty! Blue-and-gold macaws are probably some of my favorite birds.
The dusky lory is also gorgeous. I've got a younger brother, and it makes me think of the fruit-by-the-foot snacks he likes, with all those different colored stripes. =3

I want a bird so badly. Ah well, maybe when college is over.

Sharon said...

Corn is a favorite with Mooky too but he likes the dried kernels better than fresh ones... go figure!

The Dusky Lorrie is beautiful & so is the McCaw.

BTW I enjoyed the video too!

Mary said...

Stephanie-- Lories can be wonderful pets; their big drawback is that they have really watery poop. Also, some delight in hanging on the sides of their cages and spraying everywhere! They have slightly different dietary needs than other parrots and require special lory nectar or powder.

Mary -- he is so adorable! I try so hard not to jedge people when they give up their birds, but it can be hard because these guys are so intelligent and can really mourn for what they've lost. They gave him up because they had a new baby.

Sammi -- he does look sweet enough to eat! And I totally agree with you on the B&G macaws. Definitely near the top of my list! When the time is right, the right bird will land in your life!

Sharon -- I have tried so hard to get my birds to eat dried fruits and veggies, but only the caiques will. Mooky is such a character!!!