Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming out of her shell

Under the heading of "be careful what you wish for" is the recent behavior of Stella. She has really come out of her shell (even more) lately and really started flying with volition over the weekend.

She made several flights over to the couch while we were watching the Olympics, and this morning she made several flights over to the table and counters. We have a lot of work to do with her on which places are and are not acceptable to explore (for example she is really drawn to the stove and I don't want her hanging out there, even when it's off).

Here she is nibbling away on some zucchini bread that Thomas made (and you thought that grey parrots eating was the province of Max on this blog!)
I snapped this picture of her on our counter this morning. I just love the expression on her face. So wide-eyed, innocent, and beautiful!
Thomas called me over to watch a game he and Stella have been playing recently. These balls are such a huge hit at our house, but I've been having trouble finding more to buy. It will put my Internet searching skills to the test!

It's not just parrots that are testing my resolve of no more pets. This adorable iguana was left, abandoned, in an apartment after her owner was evicted. Who does that? She is incredibly sweet and looking for a new home. She was happy to sit on my lap for quite some time.
Over the weekend, Thomas informed me that he's changed his mind about what specialty he wishes to pursue after his residency is finished, and that this may necessitate a move on our part. He's willing to stay here, but he truly would be selling himself short (which is also what the program director for that specialty told him). He already sold himself short on the caliber of the medical school and residency program he chose because I didn't want to move, and I don't think it's fair to him to insist that we stay, yet again.

If we do relocate, possibly across the country, we have to worry about moving and finding housing for the 6 parrots, 2 lizards, and fishtank that we already have. We really can't be adding any more animals. But I'm trying not to think or worry too much about that until it becomes a certainty!


Mary Hughes Studio said...

Love the Stella photos, she's such a cutie! The ball video is awesome too! Mary

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful iguana! How old must it be to be so large? There's a definite dragon-ey smile there...

Great news about Stella. It's just so heartwarming when a newcomer, who's obviously had a rough start, begins to really be themselves. There's no greater satisfaction.

Cheers to Thomas for his decisions, and strength and fortitude for your possible move ahead. We're all behind you and all the gang.

Mary said...

Mary -- thanks! I'm starting to get good pictures of her so you might be painting her soon!

Shannon -- they think that she's around 4-6 years old but don't know for sure since she was abandoned. It is nice to see Stella really start to gain confidence! Although she is making things more challenging while she tests the limits and learns the guidelines for our house!

DweezelJazz said...

Stella is adorable. Jazzy loves to play football too. Wow, I had no idea iguanas could be cuddly! Gorgeous. Gee.