Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rocky Freakouts

I did not use my camera much last night, so this should be a (relatively) short post.

Rocky does these freakouts occasionally, which really make me wonder about his past. Did he live with people who moaned, groaned, and freaked out? Or is this some sort of strange severe macaw behavior that he'd engage in anyway?

I'll try to get a really good freakout on camera some time -- he usually stops once he realizes he has an audience.

I was trying to zoom in on him here, which ended up making the entire video fuzzy. However, the audio on this video is better than the other one. He often says words during these freakouts, but we rarely can understand them.


Beloved Parrot said...

How strange! If only they'd TELL us what they've been through!

PS Thanks for you nice comments.

Sonja said...

The video won't play for me...darn!

Sonja said...

I decided to download all your videos in a "Parrot Musings" folder on Real Player.

You do actually have a very nice singing voice!

Mary said...

Thomas and I have talked about this and he's glad they can't tell us because he thinks it would make him too sad to know what Rocky's been through.

Sonja -- glad you're able to see the videos! I used to post a lot on youtube, but kept getting tons of spam comments, so I haven't posted many videos there lately.