Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potato Eater

Thomas made a new kind of stirfry last night with different vegetables we got from the farmers' market. Rocky had to come over and investigate:
He grabbed out a piece of potato and settled in to eat it:
Later on, Thomas offered him another bite of potato, which he gladly accepted:
Later on in the evening, we were all in the living room, with the exception of Max who had flown into the kitchen to hang out by herself for a bit. I heard some strange noises and went in to investigate.

I found her exploring an empty glass that had been left on the counter.

I took a video of what she was doing with the glass. Was she angry that there wasn't anything in there for her to drink? Or did she just enjoy the sounds it made? In any case, we'll have to be more careful about leaving glasses around since I would have not been happy had she broken it by pushing the glass off of the counter!

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Shannon Ryan said...

These two are surely such characters! And you take such great shots and videos - thank you! My Sam is quite partial to spuds. I sometimes think my Irishness is rubbing off on him!