Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back!

We're back from our vacation and had a wonderful time! Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures in the next couple of days; I don't have my camera with me right now. I also should have time to go around and read everyone's blogs by the end of the week, after I get situated at work again.

The morning of our trip, Thomas received bites from the three usual suspects: Beeps, Rocky, and Stella. I'm not sure how they think that will make us want to spend more time with them :)

The parrots survived our absence. I got their report from the wonderful lady who watches them when we're out of town; I'll call her S.

S said that every day, Max came out, flew to Calypso's cage, and then carefully supervised S's every move. She'd fly around the house a bit towards the end, but wouldn't leave the living room until all of the food and water dishes had been changed. S had a bit of a problem last time with Max not wanting to go back in her cage when S had to leave. Always thinking, S told Max that she'd get a shower once she got back in her cage, so Max looked forward to going back in because she loves showers!

Calypso loves S and her daughter, so he had a good week. As usual, he was too excited to be handled when we got home, but was back to normal Monday morning, so he recovered in about 60 hours this time.

Daphne jumped to the back of her cage when S opened the door and wouldn't come out.

Rocky didn't swear at anyone this time, so an improvement! S had one issue with him towards the end of the trip. He went under his cage and wouldn't come out. I told her next time to wave a towel in front of the cage. He finally did come out, but this delayed her departure from our house by several minutes.

Beeps, like Calypso, loves S and her daughter, so he had a good week as well. He was only too excited to trust for about 12 hours this time, and Thomas and I were both able to avoid post-trip bites.

Stella wouldn't come out of her cage for the first four days or so. After that, she would come out on top of her cage, but didn't fly around and resisted attempts by S to handle her. She must have spent the week plotting future flying maneuvers as she impressed us with her skills this weekend! She's made many living room to kitchen flights, made U-turns when choosing a different path mid-flight, and has been flying to the floor regularly.

I don't think that the lizards or fish even realize when we're gone!

So, we had a great trip but are very happy to be back. The parrots are definitely getting used to us leaving and returning.


Beloved Parrot said...

Y'all deserve those bites! They're punishment for leaving them. You didn't actually believe you were in control, did you? (grin)

Welcome back!

Sonja said...

WElcome back! I missed your posts!