Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another short entry

It's taking me a bit longer than I thought to get things settled after our vacation, both at home and work. Even though I was home last night, I took only two pictures! Also, I've been too busy to go around and read everyone's blogs, which means I'm 2 weeks behind. Argh!

In any case, Max amazes me with her dexterity. She is folded almost in half in order to preen her stomach!
Rocky climbed up on our plant stand last night. He has a way of posing in such an adorable manner. Something about the way he cocks his head!
That's all I've got for today. Perhaps tonight will be a bit more eventful.

I went to the farmers' market today and bought salad mix, onions, tomatoes, and a few other things. I've been going through salad withdrawal the past week and a half without our farmer's wonderful mix. I told him I have no idea how I'm going to get through the winter! He told me that he'll be low on salad mix for next week, so I'm going to make sure that I get there right when it opens. What an addiction to have -- something that's unavailable half the year. (And not to sound snobby, but grocery store greens mixes just don't do it).

If I get really crabby in October and start having mood swings, you'll know why!


Shannon Ryan said...

Welcome back, Mary! Good to see your charges are adjusting well.

I have a question about planning for the future. For example, if I live my full allotted years (whatever they may be), I may still be outlived by Sam my Jardine's Parrot. I do not have anyone yet in mind to whom I'd feel comfortable to entrust. Can you give your thoughts about willing birds to safe refuges/avian adoptors, etc.? And do you recommend any?

Beloved Parrot said...

I'm like you, Shannon. I asked my avian vet if she would take my birds if they outlive me, and either keep them or find them good homes. She said yes, but that she didn't expect that situation to happen.

I trust her implicitly, more than any of my friends. None of my friends have any experience with parrots.

I like PEAC in San Diego, Cleveland, and Anchorage. There's also the Gabriel Foundation and The Oasis and Phoenix Landing. And don't forget to make sure your will is up to date.

Thank you for thinking ahead!!!

Richard Lyon said...

Two quick comments - where do you get the wood for your toys? You mention making them, and I'm interested. I have three feathered hellions of my own.

Second, your link to birdloversonly doesn't work. If I take off the index.shtml it works, so its a really quick fix for you.

I enjoy the blog!