Monday, February 2, 2009

At the rescue

I took a few pictures at the rescue last Saturday, although for the most part, I did not have my camera with me. There are a timneh and congo grey up there that remind me so much of Max and Stella, except they are males. I hung out with both of them for quite some time and were calling them my bizarro greys. I did not take pictures of them.

Mostly I took pictures of the birds that Thomas was hanging out with. Like here. Once again with his macaw ladies:
The bird on the left was very neglected. She developed severe problems due to malnutrition, and when she came to us, weighed less than half of what she does now. Our vet did not think she would survive; she has made amazing progress! The bird on the right was thrown out of a moving vehicle in sub-freezing weather. Luckily someone saw this, took her into their car, and she eventually found her way to us. She has healed from the physical aspects of her abuse, but the mental part is ongoing.

She is giving me the stay away pose: look at how she's raised her feathers and slightly opened her beak. She is warning me to stay away from Thomas! As I've written before, he is half-macaw and they all love him!
But it's not only the macaws! These two amazons do not like most people, but they are drawn to my husband. They both came down by him to get head scratches through their cages.
A short video. You can hear them talking, although it's not clear, and the one on the right gives him a big kiss!

Once again, I left feeling sad. There are just so many unwanted parrots! I really wanted to take the greys and a couple of conures home; Thomas wanted the macaws and a few others. We both know we are at our limit.

And I was amazed yet again at the natural ability Thomas has with the birds, especially macaws, amazons, and conures. I see it every day with our guys, but strange birds are drawn to him as well.


Mallow said...

Thomas has a gift with the birds and they know it. That's pretty cool! :)

Mary said...

Mallow -- it really is remarkable. He's tried to teach me his ways, but I think a lot of it is just instinct.

He almost went to vet school instead of med school (and probably would have had there been a vet school in our city) and I sometimes wish he would have done that instead.