Monday, February 2, 2009

They're on to us and not cooperating!

Thomas and I have recently joined a gym in order to swim. I'm thinking about doing triathlons and Thomas wants to take SCUBA diving lessons (he also wants me to do this but I'm not so sure!) In any case, the open lap lane times can be a bit constraining; for example, on Fridays, it's only until 6 pm.

Therefore, last Friday, I came home from work a bit early in order to give the parrots some time out of their cages and eat a quick snack. Thomas's job does not provide him with as much flexibility, so he'd have to eat on the run. I had a few cheese and crackers made up for him, waiting.

Parrots really shouldn't have a lot of dairy, but most of mine are cheese fiends. I was able to get this out of Rocky's beak before he ate TOO much.The next day, Max wanted an almond, so Thomas was planning on having Rocky open one up for her. Somehow, he must have gotten wind of this plot, and, as you can see, refused to cooperate. Finally, Thomas gave up, went over to the other side of the kitchen, and cracked the nut for Max himself.

Thomas was on the couch, trying to watch the Superbowl, but the parrots were, once again, impeding him. Beeps kept flying over and perching directly in his line of vision. Rocky kept walking up and down his back, fake biting him, which he is in the process of doing in this picture. He finally acquiesced and sat up in order to have a clear line of vision.Yesterday, I was in the kitchen baking (cheesecake and coffeecake -- yum!) The rest of the parrots were in the living room with Thomas, eating dinner and watching the Superbowl, but Beeps was hanging out with me.

I wanted him to go to his cage for dinner, with the added bonus of catching him on video taking off. From these stands, he'll only fly into the living room if he can launch himself off of the cup holders.

In this first video, because he saw the camera, he didn't go into the living room. He usually is very good and will come when called, but the camera complicates things! I'm posting it anyway because he does his cute leap from one stand to the other:

In this second video, he finally does take off!


Tony Wildish said...

Hi Mary,

in the hope that it will help persuade you to try diving, I just wrote Learn to dive with PADI on my blog. Hope it helps!

Mary said...


Thank you so much for writing this. I think you've convinced me (I was leaning that way, but the straw that broke the camel's back, but in a good way!)

My big thing is that I really enjoy breathing (who doesn't?) so I worry I won't be able to breathe well underwater. I need to just give it a shot instead of being a wimp!