Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grey fun

Last night, Stella helped herself to an almond. Thomas had just finished sweeping the floor, so was a little upset that he'd have to sweep up again since she chose to eat the almond while perching on the back of the chair.

Sadly, I was not quick enough as she'd already dropped the almond in the dustpan, but he held the dustpan under her for several seconds and asked her to drop it in when she was done, which she did (that she dropped it in the dustpan was just an accident, helped by gravity and the fact she decided not to fling the shell).
A few days ago, we made nut butter, which is so much more delicious that anything we can find in the store. We just buy bags of mixed fancy nuts at Trader Joe's and then blend them up for a few minutes. The only ingredients are nuts!

Max goes crazy for this. I was eating breakfast this morning, which consisted of apples dipped in the nut butter. I had given Max a small spoonful of the nut butter in a spoon, but she quickly finished that and decided she wanted more.

Although she rarely does this, she flew to the table and started bothering me for nut butter. I'd pick her up and fling her towards her stand. This was only a temporary fix, as she'd fly back to me and try to steal my food. Finally I flung her and she didn't come immediately back. I should have been suspicious, but instead enjoyed the relative calm as I attempted to finish the Sudoku puzzle in the paper.

Thomas gave her up, saying to me, "Look where she is!" She must have seen the cover to the nut butter on the counter and decided that made an acceptable substitute. Since she'd already had enough for one little parrot for one day, we removed her shortly after taking this picture.
You can see her eyes pinning -- she loves it!


DoodleBird said...

hahaha sneaky little thing!

Mary said...

Too smart for her own good -- or maybe that's too smart for my good :)