Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday I beat Thomas home, and was surprised to be greeted by this scene:Apparently I had either forgotten to put Calypso in his cage, or I forgot to make sure his cage was securely closed. I do a double check of everyone as I leave for the day, making sure they're secure and saying goodbye (it's part of our routine that helps make the parrots feel comfortable and safe), so I'm not sure how he got past me.

In any case, if I had to leave any of the parrots out during the day, he's the one I'd choose. I'm pretty sure he spent the entire day on or in his cage. Had it been one of the greys, I would have found mass destruction, I'm sure. I triple checked him this morning before I left!

Beeps, aka Mr. Hormone, attacked Thomas last night. We think we may have found another trigger. Thomas was lying on the kitchen table (I have no idea why) when Beeps flew over and attacked. Later, experimenting, we discovered he became very agitated whenever one of us sat on the table, and that's when he attacked me the day before.

As she had for me, Max came to Thomas's rescue and buzzed Beeps off of Thomas, herding him back to his stand.

I'm starting to wonder whether Thomas and Rocky collaborated in the bite from earlier this week; otherwise, Thomas is just taking extreme advantage of the situation; e.g. "Would you mind very much doing all of the dishes? I would help, you know, but I have this bite on my finger and I don't want it to get infected."

For dinner last night, we had nut burgers and french fries. Below is one of the potatoes I turned into fries (sorry it's so dark):
I remarked to Thomas that it looked like a heart, but he said it looked like a butt.

Over the weekend, I could not resist purchasing a pint of blueberries and have been eating them sparingly, with the intention of turning the majority into muffins. I got up early this morning and finally made the muffins, worried that the blueberries might go bad before I had the chance if I didn't do it today.

I was in the living room, handing small pieces of muffin to the parrots in there (everyone but the greys) and returned to this scene:I must say I was not surprised by this.

I stopped at the library on my way in to work this morning to drop off some books and pick up a few more. I set off the alarm walking in. I don't even understand how that could happen as I had properly checked out all of the books and it didn't sound a few weeks ago as I was leaving. I held my breath while leaving, but didn't trip the alarm with my new books, luckily. I would have hated to be thought a library thief, even for a moment!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a great start to March!


Shannon Ryan said...

Oof! Leaving my birds outside their cages while I'm at work is one of my nightmares. So far I haven't done this, but have come very close.

But Calypso looks mightily smug. What a good boy, Calypso!

DoodleBird said...

That happened to me once! I forgot Nani was on top of her cage looking at herself in the mirror (she gets so quiet up there) and left for about 4 hours. When I got home I went to take her out of her cage and I found the door wide open and her still on top her cage preening! No messes of any kind! I was so surprised.

I think if that happened now that she's older I would come home to her fried to a light socket or something. She gets into everything!

Mary said...

Shannon -- Rocky and Beeps have escaped from their cages and we've accidentally left Calypso out. So far, we've been extremely lucky in that everyone behaved themselves. This is a reminder to be extra careful!

DB -- if this had been Beeps instead of Calypso, I think we would have had major trouble. When Beeps escaped his cage last year, he didn't know how to fly, so he pretty much stayed on his cage. Now, who knows where we'd find him!