Thursday, February 26, 2009


OK, really more of a blood trickle, but that just doesn't roll off of the tongue. Why, oh, why did Rocky (you had to know it was him!) bite Thomas, the love of his life? Because he was angry.

Thomas got home a little early from work and since it was relatively warm out (in the 40s), he called me at work to see if I wanted to come home and go for a run. Of course I accepted! I only work about 7 minutes away from home, so Thomas got ready for his run, not letting the parrots out as they'd just have to go back in.

I arrived home with a box of clementines. Thomas ate one as a snack and then doled out pieces to the parrots, through their cage bars. He got to Rocky, but instead of taking the fruit, he bit Thomas's finger! We think he was angry that he was in his cage.

By the time we got back from our run, things were back to normal between them. Later on in the evening, Rocky was on Thomas and I noticed something worrying out of the corner of my eye. There was redness on the white part of Rocky's face and I worried he might have injured himself.

Upon closer review, it was determined that he had Thomas's blood on him; no damage to Rocky!

In other biting news, Thomas and I were discussing what our plans are for this weekend. Our conversation went something like this:

Thomas: What do you want to do this weekend?

Me: I'd like to go to the art museum with my best friend since we haven't yet seen the new exhibit and I've heard great things about it.

Thomas: I don't think they'd let Max into the museum.

Me: Of course I meant you!

An hour or so later, Thomas was cooking dinner and I was sitting on the kitchen table, chatting with him. Yes, I was sitting on the kitchen table with my feet on the chair. If I'd been sitting at the kitchen table with my feet on the floor, I'd risk a Rocky bite.

With absolutely no provocation, Beeps flew over from his stand and started viciously attacking my head. (Hormones are still raging through that tiny guy!) As I reached for something with which to nudge him off of me, suddenly my savior appeared in the form of Max. She flew at him, removing him from my head, and then circled back to me, landing on my leg and giving me kisses.

Thomas: I guess Max really is a better friend than me since I just stood here laughing whereas she took care of business and got Beeps away from you.

No damage was done to my head as he was quickly removed and had spent most of the time posturing before his attack (which really is quite funny to watch; I can't blame Thomas for laughing!)


Richard Lyon said...

Yes, Macaws have interesting thought processes...

Simulated Rocky: "Aha! I'm not out of my cage, so I'll bite you to make you let me out!"

Human: ...........

DoodleBird said...

OMG I love your stories! hehehe