Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I read on a uromastyx forum that pool filter sand makes a good substrate, so we switched Andreas earlier this week. He seems very happy! We will switch Elsa once she's done brumating, as we want to disturb her as little as possible during this time.

He's been quite active and more personable lately. A few months ago he'd go into his hide when I'd walk in to the room; he was giving me quite the complex! Lately, he's been staying out and even approaching my hand when it's in the tank doing some sort of maintenance. He's also been doing some amazingly cute poses, like this one where his arm is nonchalantly resting on his food dish:*************************
Max was wandering around the table, trying to eat Thomas's food (as usual) when she suddenly hopped up on my jar of Aquaphor, where she happily stayed for several minutes. ***********************
Over the weekend, Rocky was wandering around the floor, playing fetch with one of his balls when Max climbed down and started walking around the floor as well. She doesn't do this often, as she'll usually fly instead, but sometimes she likes to explore on the floor.

She found some disgarded food that Beeps had flung down from his cage:And then she proceeded to perch on the shoes I wear in the house to prevent me from stepping on wood chips:************************
Finally, I took this picture of Daphne, and she turned out pretty well (not too washed out or fuzzy), so I thought I'd post it. She has a lot of toys in her cage -- for some birds, this would be overload, but she likes it this way. Her favorite toy is that wooden dome-shaped one hanging on her left. Thomas drilled holes into it in an ill-fated attempt to make a foraging toy.One thing she loves is when I cup her in front of my mouth and talk quietly to her. I make clicking sounds and she clicks back, and she'll preen my chin a bit. Thomas walked in on me doing this a few days ago and accused me of licking her. He was joking since he knows I wouldn't do something like that.


Meg said...

Daphne is so cute, and she sounds so sweet. I bet she does love that cage! Peter and Ava also love having their cages stocked, like a "dream amusement park" as one friend laughingly called it!

Sammi said...


Man, Daphne looks like a kid in a candy store there. Happy bird is full of happy.

Mary said...

Meg -- I've had people accuse me of overwhelming her, but she loves it! She has plenty of room towards the bottom to stretch her wings, and she spends several hours out of her cage every day, so she's happy :) Possibly not as happy as Peter and Ava since they have each other, but she appears to not want a friend.

Sammi -- your comments always make me laugh :) I think he was joking about his accusation, but I'm not always sure with him!