Friday, February 13, 2009

Max overload

Max was in fine form yesterday. I've written before that she flies and lands on the freezer door anytime it's opened; yesterday, she did that for the first time with one of the cabinet doors:
After taking this picture, I removed her and closed the door. No need to give her easy access to chewing up the cabinets!

Then, she flew over to the sink where I was preparing dinner and proceeded to hang out on the dishrack.
What's so strange is that she won't do this for many months and then she'll start doing it again -- strange!

Thomas's rotation this month is in geriatric medicine. In order to give him an understanding of what it's like for older people that have to take a multitude of pills, they gave him a pill sorter box filled with, get this, candy! I think it would have been more realistic had they filled it with placebos he had to swallow. In any case, since I am a huge candy fiend, he gave this to me, and I am trying not to eat too much!

Max tried, unsuccessfully, to get in the action. The last thing I need is for her to get all hyped up on sugar -- she has enough energy as it is!
I'm unclear as to whether we get to keep this or if he's supposed to return it before the end of his rotation. If we get to keep it, I'm going to turn it into a foraging box for Max. It will drive her crazy since she'll be able to see the treat inside!


Meg said...

I have several pill sorters like that, from one row to fours rows, but I have never considered giving the smaller ones I don't use anymore to the parrots, but I bet Frank would love one!

Superior Parrot said...

You can buy those at Wal-Mart or any drug store or probably grocery store. I'd never thought about it, but they would make good toys for nosey parrots.

Superior Parrot said...

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