Thursday, February 5, 2009

I guess he's out of here!

Tuesday night, four of the parrots (everyone but Calypso and Daphne) were hanging out on the kitchen stands. Thomas had given everyone a little treat, and then ran upstairs for a few minutes.

Rocky quickly finished his food and then had to rush off to find his buddy.

The challenge for the next few weeks on the cooking blog I participate in is healthy soup, chili, or stew. I'm working on a tasty, healthier chili (still haven't gotten there yet), but here was yesterday's attempt:
I've had conversations with Max about how she can actually reach her head into the bowl and grab a bean out without having to put her feet on my bowl or in my food, but she has apparently chosen to ignore this advice.

Rocky has been running around, dragging his beak on the floor. This is something he does quite frequently, although it's tough to get a video of this behavior as he'll stop doing that to come over and threaten me when he notices the camera (and he notices everything!). Lately, he's been making the sound like the pen from Picture Pages while he does this. It makes us laugh every time! I will try to get a video of this!

Last night, we put the parrots to bed around 7 pm, like usual. We've found they are in much better moods when they get 12 hours of sleep, especially Rocky and the caiques (the greys don't seem to need as much sleep, but they get it anyway). Then, Thomas and I went to the gym to swim. When we got back, everyone was asleep. It was very strange to eat a post-workout snack and brush our teeth in a silent house with no parrots. Everything got done much more quickly, though!

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