Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeding time

As I've mentioned, I find the parrots' interactions with each other and with us fascinating. They each have their individual personalities, as do we, and, as you'd expect in a group of diverse personalities, the way they interact with one person is different from another.

One example of this in our house is when Thomas or I are eating something. When I have something to share with the parrots, they know they have to stay on (or go to) their stands and I'll come to them. It's largely the opposite with Thomas. The parrots need to come to him in order to get some.

Last night, Max was on her stand when Thomas was making hummus. She kept saying "want some!" She must have sent off some sort of secret parrot signal after a taste, since Beeps and Stella immediately flew over and started begging for some also. He had to keep rotating the spoon among the three of them.

Also last night, I was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Thomas had been asked to try to keep the parrots in the living room with him since I was in a hurry and didn't have time to constantly stop what I was doing in order to pick a parrot off the floor [Stella], or shoo one away from the butter dish (it's covered, but see-though, so she thinks she should be able to figure out how to get at it) [Max], or just have to watch out for foot attacks [Rocky].

Thomas decided to have a dance party with them since one of his favorite songs was on the ipod. Beeps was not amused. He tried attacking Thomas three times and finally I was called into the living room to "save" Thomas; Beeps attempted to attack Thomas, who ducked, but then Beeps landed on his back and started posturing, so Thomas was stuck.

I was listening to the banter of the dance party: "I'm going to dance and you can't stop me!" "You are not the mayor of the tiny town from Footloose!" "What do you have against happiness?" and laughing. Of course, he could have put Beeps in his cage before he started dancing, but I think he enjoys this strange part of Beeps's personality, plus Beeps gets some exercise flying around.


Shannon Ryan said...

I love how you both interact and have such fun with your flock. Each one of the flock such characters, so unique. I'm sure the avian members of your flock probably think the same of their humans. I know they must be very trying at times, but they are very happy and lucky to have you both. I think they know that too.

Mary said...


Thank you! What a nice thing to say! I do try to appreciate them for the individuals that they are. I'll try to capture more stories of how they interact differently with us!