Monday, November 16, 2009

Caique shower

I've switched up my shower routine a bit lately. Instead of trying to bring all of the birds in at once (kind of like in my blog header), I have been alternating and taking only two in at a time. This means I don't have to put barriers in between the birds as they have enough space that no problems occur. I also only take two parrots that generally get along. Usually that's either a caique shower (Beeps and Calypso) or a grey shower (Max and Stella), though occasionally I'll bring Max and Calypso in for a change. Rocky is not allowed to shower with me as I'd be unprotected, so he has to shower with Thomas.

I took these pictures last week; here's Calypso:And Beeps:
Here are a couple of Beeps videos. I wish there was a way I could tape the caiques without them knowing, as they sometimes act differently when the camera is out. For example, in the second video, Calypso is huddled on the side, as he is in the picture above, but he loves the shower and is usually more animated.

Beeps, on the other hand, is almost always a bundle of energy, as evidenced here. The whistle I do in the first video is a whistle that he came to us doing, after which he usually says "Pretty baby!" He'll also often respond with "Pretty baby!" when I do the whistle, but not when I'm taping! In the second video, I was hoping to get him to dance, as he usually does when we sing his name, but once again the camera had its effect on him.


Naim said...

Kiki doesn't really like showers that much so I stick to giving her a dish or something to let her bathe in. Do they like showers?

Mary said...

Calypso loves being on the shower curtain rod, but he doesn't like going in.

The rest like going in the shower spray occasionally, so I'll put my hand up and ask them if they want to come in. Maybe once a week they want to, the other times they just like being in the room with me.