Monday, November 16, 2009

Tired Out

Rocky's exercise program continues. If there were marathons for parrots, he might follow in my footsteps.

Here he is after one of his sessions, panting. It's a bit hard to hear him on the video, but you can see his chest going in and out.

His behavior has been better since starting on this regime. I guess he just had too much energy before!


Beloved Parrot said...

How are you exercising him? It does seem he's very out of breath, but of course he's your bird and you know what is and what's too much for him.

Sometimes I'll put Charli on my hand, say "Wheee!" (cue word), and run through the room and the hallway. Almost every time she'll flap and flap and flap, nearly lifting my finger off. We'll repeat this a time or two, then stop. I know she's gotten a good workout because she'll be out of breath for maybe a minute or so afterward.

Of course, other times she'll just sit on my hand like a lump, giving a scornful look.

It really is good for them -- their bodies are made for high-energy flying and they need to release it.

Mary said...

Usually Thomas has him perch on his hand and then he swings him around. I'm trying to get this on video, but keep getting Thomas's face which he doesn't want me posting here!

If I'm alone with the parrots, Rocky perches on a stick and I make him go up and down, or sometimes he grabs a towel which I swing in arcs.

He's not always a huge fan of exercising, but we're sticking with it this time because it's good for him and it really makes such a huge difference in his behavior!

I exercise Calypso like you do Charli; he loves it!