Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Washing the floor

I was washing the living room floor last night; something I do much more frequently than I would like since the parrots are so messy.

All of the parrots need to be securely in their cages when I clean. The greys and Calypso are way too interested in the bucket of water; I spend more time preventing them from drinking the dirty water than I do cleaning, which makes the task take much longer than it should. Beeps is triggered by cleaning and tries to attack, and Rocky also tries to attack (though not triggered by cleaning -- just the opportunity presented by me being preoccupied). Daphne could be out, but she usually just stays in her cage.

They are very funny and predictable when this happens. Both of the caiques immediately go to the bottom of their cages and follow me around (to the best of their abilities since they are in cages!) Beeps because he's threatening me, and Calypso because he's interested in what I'm doing and wants attention. Rocky makes his vomit noise and begs to come out of his cage. Occasionally he'll throw a scream in there. The greys sit on their favorite perches (swings for both of them) and order me around: "Come here! Up! Up! Wanna come out? Come on! Gimme a kiss! Up! Up!"

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Heather said...

Ah, the fun of cleaning up after the fids. We turn on the stereo and that seems to preoccupy our birds long enough to get things clean :)