Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Half macaw

Thomas and I went up to the rescue where we volunteer last Friday, as I mentioned we would. Thomas is an amazing parrot groomer. He fixes overgrown beaks better than the avian vets in the area. Two macaws had been surrendered with beaks so overgrown we wondered how they could eat, so he went up to fix them. Hopefully, once they're on a better diet and have toys to destroy, they'll be able to keep their beaks trimmed without human help.

While we were up there, he also spent some time playing with the macaws. As I've mentioned before, he is half macaw. I don't think I've met a macaw that hasn't liked him. Macaws tend to be more hands-on than most parrots, which Thomas loves.

He was meeting this blue and gold macaw for the first time. She was a police confiscation, so we don't know much about her background, but she is very aggressive. Of course, she was putty in Thomas's hands.
I just love it when macaws fold their hands together like this when they're on their backs. Thomas has tried to get Rocky to do this, but he's not interested.Isn't she just gorgeous?


Elizabeth said...

She's adorable!

Do you ever read Birdtricks.com? They have great pictures. You might enjoy the last picture in this post (http://www.birdtricks.com/blog/the-5-biggest-parrot-training-myths/). The macaw is balanced on his owner's head!

Mary said...

She is so cute, but is a handful and needs an experienced owner! Thomas kept saying, "How are you a baby still? Babies are supposed to be sweet!" It was cracking me up.

I'll have to check out that site -- thanks for the link.