Monday, November 9, 2009

On a more healthful note...

The parrots, particularly the greys, are obsessed with butternut squash. I was alone with them Friday night as Thomas had to work, so I was eating in the kitchen. The greys were with me, everyone else was in the living room.

I went into the living room to distribute squash to the other birds. When I left, the greys were on stands. I returned to find this:Sometimes they would nicely take turns eating:
And occasionally, they could nicely share the bowl. At one point, Max got a big chunk of squash and decided to eat it off to the side:
Even though she had the entire bowl of squash at her disposal, Stella decided to give chase to Max and that one piece of squash! However, Max was not messing around. She flew, squash in beak, to her stand to finish eating:Stella was about to give chase even over here, but I wanted Max to be able to eat in peace, so I grabbed Stella and distracted her with a piece of squash of her own.

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