Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grey chase

Last night, Max was spending more time than usual on the floor. She'd wandered into the hallway and was happily hanging out alone. Then, Stella decided that she wanted to go over there as well. She had been chasing Max around in circles, but pretty much stopped that behavior when I went over to make a video. Something similar to this had been going on for over 10 minutes:

Here is a still picture of the type of stand-off that was taking place:
I didn't get Max's escape on film, as she quickly scurried in front of Stella, hugging the wall. But Stella wasn't going to let her go so easily! I decided to extinguish the hall light in order to get them back in the kitchen.

After I stopped taping, I picked up a grey on each hand and put them on stands. They flew over to the table, where the stalking continued:As so often with them, I wish I knew what was going on in their heads! Stella obviously could have attacked Max if she'd wanted to -- she timed her movements to stay just a step or two behind. I think it may be a friendship overture, to which Max is not receptive. Or maybe it's just a game to both of them.

In any case, times like these make me so happy that we brought Stella into our home. It has been such a pleasure watching her personality evolve, and I think Max enjoys having another grey in the house, though she'd never admit it!

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Wildbird228 said...

Mary: Looks like Stella and Max are practicing for the next marathon! Are they looking to be your new running partners?