Monday, November 9, 2009


Max has an amazing ability to sense any cheese removed from the fridge and to fly over to be near the cheese and try to penetrate its container within seconds of it being placed on the counter. Oh, how she loved it when we used to wrap the cheese in saran wrap instead of using parrot-proof reusable containers! It's like she was embedded with a cheese magnet.

Here's a still picture, if you can't/don't want to watch the video:
But I think the video is kind of cute. I love how she's putting so much power into trying to open up the cheese container that she slides along on the bottom of her feet:

I didn't think this next little story deserved its own post, so I'm tagging it on here. Before we left for vacation, I ordered some heat lamps for the lizards. Thomas has not yet gotten around to figuring out how to install them in their cages, so they are on our counter, as a constant reminder to him to get them installed!

Max ignored the boxes for the first two weeks or so, but late last week, she became obsessed with flying over and then perching on the boxes!No matter how many times we removed her or how we tried to distract her, she came right back. The next day, she'd forgotten about her obsession and has left them alone for the next few days. Which is somewhat a pity; I was hoping that she'd serve as a reminder for Thomas to get them installed!

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