Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rocky update

Rocky was incredibly well-behaved last night and this morning. Maybe he reads the blog and realized exactly how irritating he was being. Or maybe the fact of me getting my frustration out by writing about it here changed something in my behavior towards him which, in turn, changed his behavior towards me.

More likely, it has something to do with the return of his exercise program. We'd slacked off lately in making sure he gets panting several times a day -- giving him a more positive channel in which to burn off his excess energy rather than screaming and attacking.

He doesn't fly, so if we don't force the issue, he gets very little exercise -- just walking around the house. I know how surly I can get if I go a few days without working up a sweat, so it's no surprise that a mostly sedentary life could also negatively affect our macaw.

I'll get some videos up in the next few weeks, if possible.

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