Friday, November 20, 2009

Virtual Adoptions at Best Friends

Best Friends is one of my favorite non profit organizations. My good friend J introduced them to me several years ago by loaning me her copy of the book that describes how they began. I was hooked! I love pretty much everything about this organization. J and I are in the very beginning planning stages of taking a trip out there to volunteer.

The reason I bring this up is in case you're looking for a holiday present for an animal lover that doesn't need anything. I give gift memberships to some of my friends, which includes an annual subscription to their magazine filled only with good news. And all for only $25!

Since my parrots already have everything they could ever need, every year each one virtually adopts one of their counterparts at Best Friends. I thought it would be fun for me to introduce this year's virtual adoptees:

Max chose to adopt Quetzal, a timneh grey that's over 50 years old and is in Best Friends's sanctuary program:Stella chose Charlie, a congo grey who reminds Stella a lot of herself, both physically (plucking) and personality-wise:Daphne was a little sad that there weren't any budgies she could sponsor, so she chose Manu, a cockatiel:Rocky chose to sponsor Everett, a severe macaw who loves to destroy things. Rocky thinks they'd be great friends:Calypso sponsored Spree, a black headed caique. He thinks she's very beautiful; as an added bonus, she's described as being more docile than most caiques, just like Calypso!
Beeps understood why Calypso sponsored Spree; since there weren't any other black headed caiques, he chose Sprite, a caique of the white bellied variety! He thought their personalities were very similar, and at least he didn't end up sponsoring a severe macaw like last year when only one caique was available!When we make out trip out to visit the sanctuary, I'll be sure to post pictures here. We're hoping to head out there next spring. Maybe I'll even be able to meet some of their adoptees in person!


Kate said...

I adopted a squirrel for my Dad (who hates squirrels) last year :P They really are a good group though!

Mary said...

How funny! I agree -- what a wonderful group!