Monday, November 2, 2009

Parrot relationships 1: Calypso & the greys

In the evenings, Stella usually heads over to the Max-Calypso cage compound area and the three of them coexist, more or less harmoniously.

Max and Calypso both love looking out of the window, and since they were the first parrots in our home, they get the place of honor. Stella does not appear to even notice the window, so we're not sure why she likes to be over there so much.

None of them physically interact, and they usually stay a respectful distance away from each other.

In this video, Calypso was playing on/in his foraging bucket, when Stella came over to investigate:

Sometimes the greys will go back and forth, taking turns ringing this bell. Sometimes they do it when they want attention, sometimes when they want to threaten each other, and sometimes just for fun.

I keep hoping that they will start to bond a bit more and maybe even preen each other. Stella seems to be making overtures to Max, who is uninterested.
They have been sitting closer to each other on the shower curtain rod in the mornings, so that's nice.

I'm just happy that they've pretty much found a happy place in our flock. Even if they don't choose to physically interact, at least they're not fighting!

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