Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Beeps video

I quickly reviewed my last few days of posts, and realized that it's mostly been Rocky pictures and Beeps videos. I'm continuing that trend today, with another video of the most photogenic caique in my house.

He was playing on a stand in the kitchen last night. Caiques have the reputation of being aggressive toy-players, and that's certainly true of him! Notice how he looks at me a couple of times during the filming. You can also hear frequent beeping, which is how he got his name. Finally, towards the end of the video, he starts moving his head in a jerky fashion. He does this when he gets super excited. We call it "caiqueoverload", and if we're not careful, there's the possibility we'll receive a bite if we try to handle him before reminding him to calm down.

I was hoping to capture him falling off of the toy. He tries to unhook the toys from the plastic hooks we use to hang them. Often, he does this while on the toy, sending him falling. With his quick reacion time and great flight skills, that means he takes off from the falling toy and does an impromptu circle around the room. You'd think by now he wouldn't be surprised when that happens!

His flight skills have advanced in the past week, in a fun way. If he's airborne, and heading in any direction, if Thomas or I put our hand out and say, "Beeps, come here!" he abruptly changes directions and lands on us. We're still working on getting him to come to us on command while perched somewhere.

Thomas made another kind of bread last night. This one was sourdough, and involved several days of sitting out and being stirred. Normally, I don't like sourdough bread, but this was absolutely fantastic. Here are a couple of pictures, in its pre-baking stage, and finished. I was so eager to eat some I forgot to take a picture before we'd sliced some off!

As summer arrives and we start getting fresh vegetables, we will be making a lot more non-bread items. We've also made our own nut butter, which is healthier and tastier than anything we've found commercially. And it's so easy! We buy a bag of roasted, unsalted mixed nuts from Trader Joe's and then blend the nuts until they're creamy. No additives. The parrots love this and they get a little taste every morning.

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