Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring is near!

I was ecstatic to notice this Tuesday night as I came home from work:

Spring is definitely near, as evidenced of my tiger lilies poking their heads through the ground. Yesterday, the snow in the above picture had all melted. Yea!

Here's Rocky during last night's dinner preparation. He was enthralled by the garlic and kept coming over to try to sneak some. After I took this picture, I realized he was kind of perching on a knife! His wings are outstretched because I was near -- he wasn't threatening the garlic.

Here's Max, doing one of her tricks. In our clicker training, as part of our routine, I ask her if she wants to open a bait shop and sell worms. At the cue "worm," she turns her head sideways. I'm sure she has no idea what that means, but she'll sometimes do some of her tricks if she sees something that she wants, like if I'm eating some cheese (which was the case last night). She's a little wet because she had recently been sprayed down.

And I thought I'd include a video of Calypso since I seem to short-change him on the blog. He is so adorable and well-behaved that I don't write about him very often. Also, he doesn't really like the camera and usually stops what he's doing to puff up and stare at it. Lately I've been lightly cupping him in my hands, which makes him go, "kush kush kush" in his little caique voice and I reciprocate. Then he whistles and I whistle back. Still no luck on teaching him the Mozart -- he seems to be happy with whistling charge and random sounds!


Sharon said...

They are all so cute... it's funny how just by looking at the photos that you can tell they each have a different personality.

Does Rocky actually like garlic???

Mary said...


You're right -- their personalities are strikingly different!

I'm not sure if he likes garlic. I know a little bit is good for them, and they do get some when they eat a little of what we eat. However, we did not let him get an entire clove so I don't know if he would have liked it!!!