Friday, March 7, 2008

I guess he likes the food

Rocky's cage is ostensibly big enough for large macaws and cockatoos, which means that the bowls are giant when compared to my little mini macaw. I get a little chuckle out of seeing him immersed in his food dish, rooting around for the component of his seed mix that he wants to eat.

Of course, as soon as he realized I was standing near his cage, taking his picture, he had to lift up his head and get into a scary pose (his head feathers are raised, which is what he does right before lifting his wings and swaying back and forth to show me how big he is).
We're taking Rocky to a new vet as soon as we can figure out scheduling with Thomas's hectic schedule (with his medical background and rapport with Rocky, I want to make sure he's there, too!). Rocky has a cyst on his preening gland which has become more enlarged of late.

We have a three-page questionnaire to fill out before our appointment, for the vet to get an idea of his environment. Answering these questions has made us reflect on how little we know about the first 19 years of his life. He's lived with us for 19 months, so only about 5% of his life!

Not for the first time, I wish these guys could talk meaningfully so I could know what he's been through. Thomas thinks it would just make us sad. But I wonder are there things in his past that bring him comfort that he'd like? A special song perhaps, or food item that we don't eat in our house?

Since that's impossible, we just continue giving him the best life that we can and hope that he's happy!

UPDATE: His vet appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18, so I should have a report that Wednesday. Not sure if they'll let me take pictures inside the examining room!

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