Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eating healthier

Thomas and I have been on a kind of health kick of late. We've decided that we eat too many processed foods and we need to get a grip on our diets. I gave up soda in January, and he followed suit in February, despite the days of headaches he suffered from caffeine withdrawal.

We've signed up for a CSA share for the summer, and continue to get as many of our dairy products as possible from a local farmer. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and what that means is we've contracted with a local farmer to deliver a box of fresh vegetables to us on a weekly basis during the summer. We are quite excited about this as many of the vegetables are picked the morning of delivery, so we'll have extremely fresh and tasty food on our table.

I had considered starting a new blog to chart our cooking adventures, but then decided just to add them to this one, as I'm sure there will be parrot involvement in the cooking and eating! The reason I want to blog about our CSA is to have a certain measure of accountability in finding ways to use all of the vegetables that are provided to us.

Thomas has been baking bread over the past few days. We recently purchased the book How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. I have never been so impressed with a cookbook before! I would highly recommend this book to everyone, and will likely be giving copies as gifts this year. (He also wrote a non-vegetarian version which I assume is just as high quality as this one).

Here is the first loaf of bread that Thomas made:
Encouraged with that success, he made a different kind yesterday:
The bread was so delicious, and really can't compare to store-bought bread. I'm sad we were missing out on this for so long!

Max is also enamored with the bread. In fact, when the bread was still in its dough phase, I caught her eating some. And this morning, she was spotted eating the bread through the plastic wrap I'd placed on it to keep it fresh.


DweezelJazz said... getting hungry looking at that bread. It sure looks good! :)

Mary said...

Thanks -- it was delicious! I can't wait until we're able to get our hands on fresh vegetables this summer!