Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Apparently we starve our grey

A visitor to our house would suspect us of starving Max if they just watched her behavior.

The larger parrots get a bowl of seed for dinner, topped with a veggie mash. The food comes in large bags. I keep these in the freezer, and pour enough of the seed mix to last a couple of weeks into a smaller container. I had just replenished my smaller container and sealed the bag, when Max had to come over and try to get some seeds, even though she saw me preparing their dinner.
We usually have a large glass of ice water around when we're home. Since we've given up soda, it's what we drink most of the time. Max loves ice and ice water. What I love in this picture is how she was smart enough to stand on the edge of the sink to give her a few centimeters' boost.
Thomas and I love cheese! We buy cheese curds from our farmer and will often have a few as a snack while we're making dinner. Thomas was transferring them from the plastic bag to a sturdier container. Max loves cheese almost as much as we do.
She is very sneaky and managed to grab a curd even though Thomas was right there guarding them! This was much too big of a piece for her, so we took it away (under protest!) after I snapped this picture. You can see there is already a bite or two missing. When she gets something she knows she's not supposed to have, she eats it as quickly as she possibly can, knowing we're going to try to wrestle it from her.

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DweezelJazz said...

Max is so cute... and I can see a real handful too, just like Jazzy. :)