Monday, March 24, 2008


I unexpectedly had the day off of work on Friday as this was happening to my neighborhood:
A snowstorm! And it's almost April! Over a foot of snow fell, and I didn't feel like driving in it, so I stayed in. I hung out with the parrots, did a lot of knitting, some reading, and thought about how wonderful it would be if I were independently wealthy and could do this all of the time!

Here is a picture from Sunday morning. I know I've been posting a lot of these lately, but I love the way that Beeps is hanging on, as though he's investigating the Circuit City ad to see what he wants to get. It's particularly ironic since he hates technology!
Here Beeps had flown to the top of the fridge, joining Max. After this picture was taken, they were moved to more appropriate perches! I just hope Beeps doesn't make a habit of hanging out here.
This video is pretty dark, but I mentioned something in yesterday's post and then Calypso did this. I tried videotaping him doing this with better lighting and closer to him earlier in the day, but he stopped as soon as he realized what I was doing.

I mentioned that caiques can be loud toy players. In fact, it seems like they can derive great pleasure from making noises (this can be said of most parrots, but I've found it to be particularly true of caiques). Calypso had removed his toy from the metal quicklink hanger, and then proceeded to walk around the top of his cage and bang the hanger on many different things. It looked like he was experimenting by banging it against various surfaces. This kept him busy for probably 15 minutes.

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