Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leave my food alone!

Last night, we had chili for dinner. Thomas placed his bowl on the floor in front of the couch and left the living room to make another trip for his drink. (Yes, we eat in the living room. I was not brought up this way! But it's easier because the parrots behave better on their cages than if we tried to get them to stay on stands in the kitchen).

Rocky, seeing an opportunity, ran over there while the bowl was unoccupied, grabbed a saltine cracker off of the top, and ran back under his cage and started eating it (you can see the crumbs under his cage and on his beak). I wish I had this on video!

An entire cracker is a MUCH bigger portion than he would normally get, so he thought he'd hit the jackpot. Thomas didn't want him eating the cracker under the cage because of the crumbs, so he convinced Rocky to come out, and then gave him a portion of the cracker after he perched on his cage.
The negotiations:

Then, this morning happened. Thomas usually has left for work before I get the parrots up in the morning. This morning I was done running early, so I let everyone out about 20 minutes before their usual wake-up time.
They were so happy to spend time with Thomas before he left. However, because of the chaos they caused, I had to promise to not do this every day!
He couldn't read the paper and eat his breakfast in peace:
I swear that photo is not posed. Max, Rocky, and Beeps, seeing cereal was being eaten, all flew or walked over to the table and took turns taking bites. In this picture, Beeps has a Grapenut in his beak. This is why we eat dinner in the living room!

I've still been knitting away: hats and scarves. I made the brown hat on the right as a surprise for Thomas last week. Then, I decided that I didn't like a light green hat that I'd previously made (on the left). It was too big, and I had made a few mistakes. So I decided to unravel it and knit a new hat (in the center). I'm probably not doing this the "right" way, but I am knitting from one hat to the other. I hope I like this one better as I don't want to knit 3 hats out of the same yarn!


Stephanie said...

Hi Mary -

I've been reading your blog with great interest for a little bit now. We recently adopted a 2 year old female Maximillian Pionus. We want to add a second bird to our family and are considering a newly weaned male Caique. Would you tell me the real truth about living with Caiques? Noise level, need for interaction and getting along with our other bird are my main concerns. I'd like to hear an account of your experiences. Most people I have found opinions from have very young birds which I think is not the best representation for a lifetime with a bird companion. I'd be really greatful for your opinion!

PS - I'm a knitter too! What is your Ravelry id? :)

Mary said...

Hi Stephanie,

My ravelry ID is DaphneB (after my budgie!) but I haven't been on much lately.

As for caiques, I absolutely love them, but they can be difficult. Mine are both rescues, with sad stories.

Instead of leaving a ridiculously long comment, I'll make a new entry to let you know my thoughts!

DweezelJazz said...

The photo with all three little characters sitting around breakfast and on the newspaper is really great, even if a big hindrance to reading and eating. :)