Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A normal day at our house

Beeps has been so incredibly playful lately. On the day of this video, he had been perching nicely on his stand. Max flew to the top of the stand and swung this chain of plastic links, trying to hit him. Deciding to get even, Beeps climbed up the chain and threatened her. I started filming right after Max took off.

But, Beeps decided to stay and play on the chain for a bit. As I've mentioned before, he loves to get the links free of each other, with the result that he falls to the ground -- but he rights himself and flies a lap around the room before any damage is done.

And here is a still, showing off his acrobatics. By the way, I absolutely love these links. I bought them from The Parrot Asylum here. I use them to attach toys in my parrots' cages, as linked toys, seen here, and I also link them individually over the cage bars. They love playing with them!

Calypso has recently decided that he should use his water dish as a toilet. Needless to say, this does not please me. I am changing his water at least 4 times every day. The particular morning of this picture, this was the 3rd time I was changing the water before work. His aim recently has been such that not only do I have to remove his water dish, but also the holder on the side of his cage. I was able to get this decent picture of him through the hole where the holder normally is.Of course I am biased, but I find him incredibly beautiful. I haven't been able to throw away any of his molted tail feathers as they contain a large amount of beautiful orange and yellow hues.

After his unsuccessful attempts to lure Thomas into his nest last season, Rocky appears to have decided that the reason he was unsuccessful was that Thomas couldn't fit under his cage. He's decided to return to under our kitchen table. He goes to our newspaper recycling bag, pulls out several sections of the paper, drags them under the table, and shreds them.

This picture was taken at the beginning of his nest-making; it got much larger. I will try to remember to take a picture, assuming he decides to work on it some more. He is particularly excited about this when Thomas's feet are under the table with him. Parrot toys don't come much cheaper!

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