Monday, March 17, 2008

An aquarium miracle

Friday night, I hear an excited call from the living room: "Get in here right now! This may be the most exciting thing you will ever write in your aquarium log!"

(Side note: I keep an aquarium log. I write down all exciting events, like fish or plant additions, dead bodies fished out, water quality test results, and periodic fish inventories. I am a big dork.)

What did he find? Our pleco! She had last been seen in December 2006. We went 14 1/2 months without seeing her, and she was presumed dead. She hasn't been on a fish inventory list since last summer.

In the picture below, you can see her bristles coming out between the wood. She almost looks like a plant.
It seems like she's chosen a new hiding place with our tank reorganization that took place last weekend.

Lots of parrot stuff happened over the weekend, but I'm going to parcel it out so as to not have a ridiculously long entry today and then risk having nothing the rest of the week.

Since I often have a runny nose, we keep a box of Puffs on our kitchen table. Rocky likes to play on the kitchen table, but has always ignored this box and its contents. Over the weekend, he walked up, grabbed a single tissue out of the box, and began shredding it.
As you can maybe see from the pictures, Rocky's tail has been beautiful lately. It used to be scraggly from all of his floor walking and squishing himself into small spaces. He hasn't been playing under his cage for a few months, and that has made a huge difference.

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