Friday, March 14, 2008

More foraging fun

As Easter approaches, that means some bright, colorful, inexpensive foraging material is hitting store shelves. That's right -- paper Easter grass! I'm sure I could make my own with some colored paper and a paper shredder; however it's so easy to pick up a few bags of this stuff.

We went to the store last week and picked up about 20 bags of paper Easter grass. The cashier made comments about how we're getting ready for Easter, and I was thinking about how I was getting ready to give my parrots a holiday year-round!

They love it! To the left is an easy foraging toy. The red ball is a dog toy that can be picked up at any pet store for about $2. I hang it in their cages, but it could also be used as a floor toy. Stuff it with various things (here, I'm showing it just with the paper Easter grass -- I don't know if the plastic stuff is safe -- but I'll usually add some pellets or little toys for them to find).

In the picture below, this is what Max's cage bottom looks like after a day of foraging and destroying. I had changed her paper that morning, and when I got home from work, I was met with the aftermath of a day spent in fun activities:

In addition to the paper Easter grass, there are several bowls and mats purchased from The Parrot Asylum. The little white balls are what's left after she's found and eaten her pellets that are hidden around her cage.

On a complete change of topic, here is Andreas.

I don't write much about the lizards as they are pretty boring compared to the parrots! Elsa continues her mini-brumation (are they ever looking forward to summer!) I had just given them their evening meal of veggie mash, and Andreas proceeded to walk over there and smush his feet into it! I don't know what goes through their minds.

We've begun sprouting again after a lapse of several months. We started sprouting for the parrots, but Daphne is the only one who will eat sprouts (although we keep trying with the others). The lizards absolutely love the sprouts, and we've decided to try to keep a supply of them (and not have any more lapses) for the lizards.

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