Monday, March 31, 2008

More breakfast time

I know I've been posting a lot of pictures lately of the parrots trying to eat Thomas's breakfast. I was going to stop this, but then this happened over the weekend, and I thought it was so adorable, I couldn't resist.

Rocky and Max were getting along, waiting for food. Surprisingly, Beeps was hanging out on his stand.

Every time Thomas would raise the bowl to his mouth to drink some of the milk, they would stare longingly at him:
And then when he brought the bowl down, they'd rush over and try to get a few sips. Like in the picture, Thomas would usually hold his spoon up for Rocky so that they both didn't have their heads in the bowl at the same time.
I've also posted shower pictures before, but they were having such a good time yesterday. Calypso didn't want to shower (and Daphne can't be in the bathroom as she starts to have trouble breathing with the steam), but the other three were singing and dancing.
Beeps has definite song preferences. I'm so curious to know whether it's a certain beat that he likes, or whether he recognizes certain songs from his previous home. In any case, there are several songs that elicit dancing from him. Rocky and Max are not so particular -- they'll dance to pretty much anything!

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Stephanie said...

We set up an area next to our dining table where Lucy can sit and eat with us at dinner time. She loves it so much!! She can climb, swing, forage, play with her toys and join in the conversation. I think eating with your parrot is one of the most important activites you can do together. It really makes them feel like they are part of a happy flock. :)