Monday, March 2, 2009

Aquarium update

It's been several months since I've posted any aquarium photos. Nothing too exciting has been going on. Really the only change has been our rainbowfish babies growing up!

I'm pretty sure the smaller fish in the foreground is one of the babies. They're indistiguishable from the larger fish after a year.Thomas was taking a bunch of different pictures; it's almost like this guy is trying to communicate with us:
Here is one of our glow-light tetras. These guys have been in our tank since it was set-up a little over three years ago. From this angle, it looks like she has neon eyebrows.
A rare sighting of all three clown loaches in the same area. The smaller one still has not caught up, size-wise, to the others (he's off to the left; they seem to isolate him):
The two larger clown loaches were swimming around in a way that makes me think they were doing pre-mating rituals. Any babies would most likely get eaten by the tank inhabitants, but I will keep an eye out to see if any hardy souls make it, like the rainbowfish last year.
A close-up; I love how you can see his barbels so closely:


Wildbird said...

Mary: Fish pictures are awesome! I made one my desktop. LOVE the colors.

Mary said...

WB: Thomas said you owe him royalties :) Just kidding!!! Stay tuned -- he turned the piece he cut off of your perch as a toy for Daphne. Hope your guys are enjoying the new perch!