Monday, March 23, 2009

I hate my macaw

"I hate my macaw." Those are the words someone typed into google that led them to my blog. Another search that made me sad.

Parrots are flock animals that have a finely developed sense of what their flock members think and feel. In the wild, they depend on that for their survival.

If someone seriously hates their parrot, please do something about the situation. In my opinion, the best case would be for the individual to realize that the parrot is a wild animal and to work to find a solution that will enable the parrot to keep its home, with an attitude change by the owner. If that's not possible, then to find the parrot a new home where he can experience the love he deserves.

The search reminded me of an online discussion I participated in last week with a person who was terrified of her cockatoo and living in constant fear. That is not a good environment for the bird!

The bird can sense fear in his flock; even though he doesn't know why, his instincts kick in and he becomes fearful also. This can easily spiral down into the bird becoming phobic, which is where this case appeared to be heading.

In my opinion, if the owner can't get over her fear, it's better to find the bird a less stressful home before he gets too damaged from his present environment. Many suggestions were made to help her get over her fear, and I hope she's able to do so in order for her bird to live a happier life.


Anonymous said...

My Macaw is the reason they invented 12 gauge shotguns and Thanksgiving Diners.

Die Macaw Die said...

you want to know how I feel.