Monday, March 30, 2009

Stella and Max

In my last entry, I wrote how Max has been chasing Beeps around. Max and Stella also chase each other around. Shortly after I took this picture, Stella displaced Max on the back of the chair. I like to look at it as they are getting exercise.

If they are alone in a room they don't do this, and they also don't do it if I'm watching them. They only chase each other around when I'm in the room with them but not paying attention to them, so this could be a way of them trying to get my attention.
Later on Saturday, Stella flew, unbidden, to Thomas's hand and started attacking it. It was so very strange since she'd been around these hot pad mitts before without having such a reaction!After I took this picture, he placed her on the stand and she apparently forgot about the mitt.

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