Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nesty redux

After unsuccessfully trying to nest under his cage the past two springs, Rocky has moved his attention to the bathroom and the hallway leading to the bathroom.

I must say I'm a little sad about this as I thought it was absolutely adorable when he spent hours under his cage, and Thomas enjoyed the respite from his constant attention. He's not allowed to camp out in the bathroom for hours since he tries to open the cabinets (and is sometimes successful) and we hope to sell the house in a few years; hopefully without having to redo all of the woodwork in the house that's at macaw level. He really can't get into any trouble under his cage but has only gone there once or twice that I've seen so far this year.

Right before I got there, he had maneuvered the bathmat so that he was completely covered. I guess I didn't miss that interesting of a picture. Imagine a red lump with a little eye sticking out.
By the time I came back with my camera, he was out and warning me to stay away:
Interestingly enough, even though we suppose that Rocky is building a nest for he and Thomas to share, he is quite aggressive around Thomas when he's near the bathroom.

The fact that he is stick-trained has saved us both a lot of bloody bites!

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DoodleBird said...

I'm sorry to comment this here, but I was heading to the post office today and realized I don't have your address. Would you send it to me?? xoxo