Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bundle of joy?

Yesterday, I was home from work for about an hour before Thomas came home. This tends to stress out the parrots a bit. I think they fear he's not coming home at all that night, so they are much more needy and demanding of me. For example, Rocky kept following me around the house, the way he usually does Thomas, and didn't threaten me at all.

Then, when he comes home, the parrots (especially Beeps and Rocky) are so happy they can barely contain themselves. Last night was no exception. After work, Thomas headed directly upstairs to change. Beeps flew to him, but with Beeps -- especially now -- we're never sure if he's flying at you because he wants to be near you or if it's an attack, so Thomas ducked and Beeps landed on the stairs where he had a fun time:

In the meantime, Rocky had also tracked him down in the bedroom. The parrots were both flashing aggressive signs when Thomas tried to pick them up. Usually it's just Rocky, and Thomas will offer him a shirt or something else upon which to step up (assuming he doesn't have a stick with him). This time, though, he had two parrots who were too unpredictable to be allowed near bare skin. I would have taken two trips, but Thomas was a bit more inventive:
At the time I took this picture, I hadn't realized that Max was perched on a chair in the background.

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Beloved Parrot said...

Oh Mary, your parrots are a hoot!

I'm afraid I haven't had much time to really play with the camera yet.

Does it take long to upload your videos? Do you have to condense them first or something?