Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last night, Thomas made dinner and then boxed up the extra lentils for me so that I could make my "meatloaf." Max got so excited when she saw the lentils and helped herself. They're actually quite a favorite in our house -- even the lizards love them! Stella, in the back, is supervising.
I guess I shouldn't have posted so much yesterday since I don't have much to write today! Maybe more exciting things will happen tonight that I can write about tomorrow!


Sammi said...

I am starting to think I should make a blog where all I do is caption pics of your parrots! (They just take such great photos and they're so cute! It's hard to NOT cap 'em!)


Lyn said...

Aww, your birds are so cute!!

Thanks for the great suggestions on my blog. I am going to check out some volunteer activities. I used to volunteer at the humane society. Not sure if they will still let me if I bring a toddler, but I can ask!

Mary said...

Sammi -- you crack me up with your captions:) Thanks for the laughs!

Lyn -- thanks for the nice comment! I wish I had time to do more volunteering -- there are so many worth organizations out there!

Mallow said...

Cooked lentils are always a favorite around here. Is your meatloaf recipe from the 'everything vegetarian' cookbook?