Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not cooperating

Max was doing some funny things last night, but every time I tried to take a picture of it, she stopped and started shoving her face into the camera instead. So just a boring Max picture:
The fish all gather on the right side of the aquarium when they know it's feeding time. For some reason, yesterday they were all hanging out together even after dinner. There should be 9 Australian rainbowfish; I could count 7 here. And of course one clown loach and a few glowlight tetras in the background.*************************
Last night, when I was in a semi-sleep/semi-awake state, I had a horrible dream. Thomas opened the front door and Stella flew outside. I remember thinking, "this is just a dream -- have her turn around and fly back to you," but that didn't happen. It was very scary and she got extra hugs this morning.

This morning, I showered with just the greys. After I finished, I was doing some things in the bathroom to get ready for the day and Max kept flying to my head. I couldn't get anything done like this, so finally I tossed her into the hallway (one of the benefits of a flighted bird although if she were clipped she wouldn't have flown to my head in the first place) and she went to her stand in the kitchen.

Almost as soon as Max was gone, Stella, who had thus far been perfectly content to sit on the shower curtain and watch me, decided that she needed to keep flying to my head as well! It's pretty hard to get ready one-handed, which is what I attempted to do after having her step up on my hand from my head.

After I got ready, I went into the kitchen and couldn't find Max. She had flown to the counter island in our kitchen and was perched on our fruit bowl, currently containing onions. Although I didn't see her in action, the evidence left behind suggests she was peeling the onions a bit. Parrots are not supposed to eat onion. I guess we'll have to find a different place for them! Later on in the morning, we noticed that she had taken quite a few bites out of a $20 bill that was on the counter. She's tried to eat money in the past, and apparently I didn't learn my lesson. It's still spendable, but it might be a little embarrassing to use. Maybe I'll pay cash at the parrot rescue next time I buy food -- they'll understand!


Beloved Parrot said...

I feel your pain! Charli has developed radar and true love for $5 bills. sigh . . .

Anonymous said...

I identify with the scary dreams. I periodically have dreams where one or more of my birds are in some perilous situation. I wake up sweating and frantic! Not sure what that's about, but it makes me feel all that closer to my little charges when I wake up. What they put us through, huh?!

Mary said...

BP -- we almost never have cash in the house, but somehow Max acquired this radar also. I spent the $20 yesterday and the cashier put it at the bottom of his pile so that he wouldn't have to give it to another customer as change. I was quite embarrassed.

Shannon -- it is so scary and realistic! At least I knew this one was a dream -- there have been some where I'm not sure!